May 16, 2016

Coatesville children and organizations plant community garden

Coatesville Community Gardens

COATESVILLE >> Members of various organizations recently participated in a “Togetherhood” project to create a community garden.

Brandywine Valley YMCA “Togetherhood” committee members worked with the Coatesville Police Department, the Bridge Academy and Community Center, Coatesville Youth Initiative, Harcum College in Coatesville and Giving Girls Guidance (known as G3), to plan and implement the community garden in the city on Third Avenue. The participants created their first open community garden, which was planted on April 30.

“Sustainability is very important and it is even more important that people understand what that is and how it can bring positivity, healthy living, and an improved environment to the city of Coatesville,” said Marie Hess, a city resident and activist. “Helping each other through gardening is one way we are assisting in revitalization. When Coatesville does better, our entire community will do better.”


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