Buyer Agents

You’re thinking about buying a home. Whether you are a first-timer, an investor or a relocation frequent flyer, each purchase presents a specific set of circumstances that must be addressed for a successful experience. A good buyer’s agent will help you identify your specific circumstances and will guide you through each phase of the home buying process. As a buyer’s agent, I must first listen then lead. I can contribute invaluable experience and perspectives to help you find and purchase exactly what you want and need.

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A Good Buyer’s Agent will LISTEN.

Once you have decided to buy, you will need to identify your wants and needs. Sometimes this list will be very clear up front, but it is often a gradual process as we explore the market of available homes in your price point, in your desired location. I always aim to do much more listening than talking in the early home buying process. We can often save a great deal of time later in the transaction by taking our time in the beginning. My extensive experience with home buyers informs each question I ask along the way, helping me to lead you to the perfect home for you.

A Good Buyer’s Agent will LEAD.

Home buyers of all experience levels need an agent they can count on. Even if this is not your first purchase, there are constantly changes to the laws and procedures required. An active and experienced agent will be up to date on the current environment and can lead you through the process with confidence and calm. It is safe to expect the unexpected in real estate transactions, but my goal is always to lead my clients through the process in a systematic and low-stress way. Home buying should be an enjoyable process, albeit an unpredictable one. With my leadership guiding you through your purchase, you can relax and know that your dream is in good hands. I want you to enjoy all the little victories along the way and to look forward to the ultimate goal: owning a home that you love.