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There is a common misconception when it comes time to sell your house that visibility is the most important element in selling your house quickly for a good price. While it is important for the world to know you want to sell your house, thanks to the internet, that objective is easier to meet than ever. Any agent who helps to sell your house on the MLS has access to the same package of tools that will get your home in front of potential buyers. What sets agents apart is their understanding of the true property marketing needed to sell your house. I apply my education and experience in marketing to each home I sell and have fine tuned the process into a strategy I call “The Tameka Method”. I’ve covered the basics of my method below, but if you want to know more, feel free to ask! Contact Me

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The Tameka Method: Price

There is an expression in real estate that goes: “You can sell any property at the right price.” This theory is the center of my property marketing method. The list price is so much more than a number at settlement or purely a calculation of profit. It determines who will and won’t find your property online, what they will think of what they find, whether or not they will take the time to view the property in person and so much more. The trick is figuring out what the best price is at the time you want to list your property that will bring qualified buyers to your door. As a local market expert, I will create a pricing strategy that will sell your house quickly and allow your family to move onto new dreams. With the local market on the rise, pricing your property correctly is the most powerful way to get buyers in the door.

The Tameka Method: Presentation

Today’s home buyers know more about a home before walking in the front door than ever before. Buyers count on the internet to provide their initial impressions of a home and as a seller, it is important to control as much of that experience as possible. For each home, I work to identify the ideal buyer profiles and target all of my marketing to appeal to that buyer. This includes the price, public listing information and having each property professionally photographed. Each home has a unique story and will appeal to a unique buyer. Together, we will work to articulate that story to draw out the ideal buyer for your property. Selling your house is much more than just listing it For Sale. It is about creating a specific experience for the potential buyer and to do that, you need the perfect presentation.

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